IPD Midterm Presentation

Next week we have our IPD midterm oral presentation along with several other midterm exams. The IPD presentation is nerve-racking because there are so many facets of our project that we must be prepared for. We were advised in lecture to organize our presentation after the rubric that we are graded with. This rubric essentially just lists all of our presentation slide titles and subjects along with the grading criteria. There really is a lot material we have to cover in under 20 minutes. We have to have an industry, company, and opportunity description, mission statement (with 7 subcategories), explain customer/end user needs, target specifications,  and additional research. In all, we have to account for over 20 different deliverables and present it in an effective way. Not only this but we need to be prepared for a Q+A session where faculty are notorious for asking difficult questions.


We still have a lot of work to do in preparation. There are some parts of our presentation that we haven’t even started yet. For example, one topic we’re responsible for is researching and investigating current intellectual property and see if what we are working on is in fact novel. Searching through a sea of patents is difficult work because there are so many  similar inventions out there that might accomplish or provide a slightly different service or effect. Another area we need to do more work in is the topic on standards. We are responsible for researching what standards our product must adhere to and are responsible for acquiring those standards. We’ve identified one standard that applies to our project and confirmed it with our company sponsor, but are stuck in trying to acquire it. We could buy it, but at $240 we are hesitant to spend a sixth of our whole budget on a single document. As a team we have to make a decision on how to move forward and how to effectively distribute the work so we can finish in time. Over the weekend we are scheduled for a dress rehearsal with our advisor. We’ll need to have everything done by then so we have something to give her. Feedback from her will be a big help in preparing for the actual presentation scheduled for next week.


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