Manufacturing Group Project-Update 1




I had my first group meeting for the ME-240 Manufacturing car project. At this meeting we received our design courtesy of two middle school students from neighboring Broughal Middle School. Our clients’ only instruction took the form of the rough sketch seen above in blue. We believed that they were trying to represent an airplane and decided that we would do our best to deliver an airplane/car. Our design sketches are shown below and depict what we are trying to accomplish. The plane portion of the car is completed and shown above and hopefully our middle school student like it! We plan on adding two more parts to the body; a nosecone with a rotating propeller, and a rectangular base that will house the wheels and axle and will attach to the underside of the body. We will create and finish these two parts next week during our meeting. A solid model is due before spring break so they can be 3D-printed while we are gone. Stay tuned for updates!







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