Manufacturing Project-Week One

ME 240 project week 1-1

In one of our projects this semester for Manufacturing (ME-240), the class is split into teams of four. Each team is paired with a student form neighboring Broughal Middle School. The student form Broughal will submit a design for a car, which can be hand-drawn or a concept found online, its entirely up to them to submit what they would like made. Essentially, we become a design firm of sorts and have to accurately represent what our client submits to us. We have to make a physical model of the car, which at the end of the semester competes in a competition against what all of the other teams make. To create this physical model we first have to create models in SolidWorks of the car mold, which are then input into the actual mold assembly¬† (shown above), replacing the stock molds shown. We’ll also have to use a program like Moldflow to design and optimize the runners, gates, and sprues for the injection molding process. After adding these to our molds we’ll have to use CAM software like NX to create the tool paths and then physically machine our molds using the CNC milling machines in the workshop. Finally, after all this work the car will be molded using the injection molding machine in the work shop. The car will then be assembled and ready for competition. This is the first week of working on our project so all we’ve done so far is construct an assembly of the molding unit. I’ll be sure to update with more information about our client and the design we have to make.


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