ME-240 Sand Casting Lab

Last week in ME-240 we did a lab on sand casting. The basic overview of the lab was that small teams of students would physically make their own molds using sand provided by the school, as well as the pattern which was a Lehigh University crest shield. We were set in groups of four, with two students packing sand for one half of the mold and two students doing the other half. After we packed our mold we removed the patterns and readied the mold for the pour. We melted aluminum in a large electric oven to over 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Our lab instructor made the actual pour for us and cleaned off our parts after he removed them from the mold. After this we had to take our shields, weigh them, and take all of their dimensions. We did the same thing for the runners and the sprue. Using these values we had to calculate the surface area and volume of these pieces. These values were needed so we could calculate solidification time using Chvorinov’s rule. Even though this lab was easy, it was a lot of fun. Pounding the sand in the mold was satisfying and seeing the liquid metal being poured into the mold was cool too. The best part is that we all have a little souvenir now (pictured below).








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