Behavioral Interviews


As I am still in the process of interviewing for a job post grad, I thought I would share my favorite behavioral question.

“When have you encountered a struggle and what did you do to remedy the situation” or something along the lines of a question like that. This question is pretty much the storyline of my life. When have I not gotten myself into a sticky situation and had to figure it out.

My favorite example, however happened two summers ago. My mom is from Australia and we were visiting my grandparents in Point Lonsdale. It was technically winter there but it never really got down below 50 degrees. I enjoyed jogging the streets as they live in a small beach town. Halfway through a run it started hailing—which is very rare and of course happened in the middle of my run. I was also lost, which isn’t surprising because I have a terrible sense of direction.

But that was my predicament, lost in a hailstorm in another country. I hid under trees and tried to find geographical references I recognized, but eventually realized I was in uncharted territory and had no idea when the last time I turned left or right was.

I had to resort to flagging down a car. I was lucky and fortunate that I managed to find a lady very sympathetic to my situation. She dropped me off at the grocery store just down the block from my grandparents and I made it home.

What I try to exemplify in the telling of this story is that I have a strong sense of adventure and curiosity, but I also consider myself resourceful in times of need.


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