Tool Paths in NX 10-ME 240

NX Tooling 1

In ME 240 (manufacturing) last week we learned about milling operations and how one can mill an object. CNC (computer numerical control) milling machines mill objects by reading lines of computer code that tell it step-by-step what to do. This specific language is referred to as G-code. Different commands tell it to do different things, like move the table to a certain position or to trun the spindle at a certain rpm. You can write this G-code out line-by-line but that would take a lifetime. Engineers use CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software like NX to produce this G-code quickly. There is a tooling application in NX that allows users to define tools, import geometry, and step-by-step create milling operations that mill the desired object out of a define blank. We had to do this for a mold of a toy car for ME 240 homework. Pictured above is one half of the mold, pictured below is the other half.

NX Tooling 2


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