IPD Update


Today in TE 211 we all received our groups and projects that we will work on for the next year. I was lucky and got my first choice for my project. I’ll be working for Dresser-Rand, along with five other mechanical engineering majors and one business supply chain management major. Our project is focused on designing a system that that will rotate the trailing edge of a diaphragm vane to change the flow characteristics of the gas stream operating inside of a compressor. While I myself am not 100% sure what this means, I’m sure it will all be explained in the future. We are tasked with doing this 1. without requiring an increase in the axial space required for the diaphragm, 2. developing a way to seal the system so gas won’t leak, and 3. ensure our solution will last the lifetime of the compressor (5-20 years). This is a tall order but I believe my group and I will be able to come up with something good. In the past, Dresser-Rand was very adamant about the IPD groups visiting their R&D office in upstate New York which apparently is very helpful in how groups have organized their approach to coming up with a solution. Personally, I’m very interested in turbines and compressors and how they work. They are crucial components in most energy production methods. To work on something like this that is so important in how we live would be very rewarding and I’m looking forward with what we will come up with.


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