Applying to Jobs

As a second semester senior I have some free credits to pursue classes and topics that I think are interesting. I am taking a 300 level sociology class about cyberspace. I LOVE IT! The course load for mechanical engineering is unsurprisingly very ordered and directed. There is little room for discussion and exploration of softer topics. This semester I have room to take classes with a more philosophical approach.

I’m taking this sociology class because I could see myself pursuing research on the impact of the technology changes. Within the first day we were talking about things relevant to my life.

Recently I was offered a job without ever having met someone from the other end of the company. I responded about the job on a forum from the class. This is a sample of the kind of thinking we are encouraged to do.

“It is sometimes scary how connected life can be. An hour ago I was offered a job from the company [company redacted], yet I have never met or interacted with someone in the company… excepting the job offer phone call with a man named ***. I found the job through LUCIE and emailed the company with my resume and name. I assume that they reviewed my resume and that I met some kind of standards for being offered an interview because I was then emailed an invitation to begin the interview process.

I never once saw a human on the other end of this process, it was completely automated. The first round was a series of behavioral interview questions that flashed on the screen and then I was given two and a half minutes to respond. This was followed by two multiple choice tests. The first was a personality test and the second was a logic test. Taking an important test on a laptop without much warning of the circumstance is intimidating. The last section of this test was a short timed essay. This first round lasted about an hour, and I finished not really knowing what I had just competed. I should mention that I was filmed by my webcam throughout this process.

Two days later I was emailed about the next round of the interview. After being offered the job, I now know I passed the first round, but this wasn’t very clear at the time. This round was a 40 minute process of watching a video about the company and synthesizing the information to answer three related short answer questions. I submitted this and was unsure whether I would ever hear directly from the company.

This brings me to today— I was just offered a job. This phone call is the first human interaction I have had with the company. *** assured me that many people had seen my interview and seemed anxious to tell me that there were in fact people that worked for the company.

I think that this may be the future of job applications for recent college grads. Relating back to the questions asked in this prompt it was important that I portray myself in a professional context, which is how I would need to act in a job interview. I have yet to meet anyone from the company, but I will keep everyone posted if I do.”


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