Semester Scheduling

So registration for next semester is coming up soon and I think next semester is going to be my worst scheduled semester.  It’s not because I’ll have so many gaps or that the professors teaching are bad.  It’s just that I can’t fit classes that I want to take and the courses I have to take I heard are really a pain, such as Integrated Product Development and Mechanical Elements.  These classes are always taken Junior year, but I always like to do things differently and change my schedule up so that it can be different. Why? Simple- because I can and I like to exploit my opportunities by finding classes I really want to take and taking them, instead.

So here’s my situation, I wanted to take this 300 level class called Gas Dynamics next semester because one of my favorite professors, Professor Oztekin, is going to be teaching it and I currently have him for Fluid Mechanics right now.  Now Fluids is a pretty tough class, don’t get me wrong, but Professor Oztekin makes it seem SO simple when he’s teaching it and that’s an ability I rarely see out of professors.  So that’s why I want to take that class, but its conflicting with a recitation for Systems, a class we HAVE to take!  Now most people will tell you to take it when you’re supposed to take it, but me always deviating from the schedule, I feel like skipping it and taking it in the fall.  I’m not 100% set on this, but that’s what my mind is telling me to do.  So hopefully I can figure something out because there are some other conflicting classes that go along with my schedule as well.


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