Greek Organizations and You!

While attending Lehigh, there are a few things that are easily noticed. One would be the professionalism amongst the students on the campus.  As Engineers we are constantly seeking to better ourselves. We endeavor to develop both professionally and as a person.  Another is the large influence of the Greek Life community. There are groups at Lehigh that are based around both of these of aspects, Professional Greek organizations.  Lehigh has multiple professional fraternities based from aspects such as community service, chemistry, and honors and GPA. Two that I would like to highlight are the Engineering Fraternity and Sorority here at Lehigh.

Sigma Phi Delta (ΣΦΔ) is an international professional fraternity of engineers.  Sigma Phi Delta, or SPD for short, is “The Premier International Fraternity of Engineers.”  It was founded on April 11, 1924 at the University of Southern California. Nationally, Sigma Phi Delta is both a social and professional fraternity. Members of Sigma Phi Delta maintain high standards of academic excellence and also encourage brotherhood through social events. Sigma Phi Delta is professional in the fact that membership into the fraternity is only admitted to those enrolled in a program or curriculum with will lead to a degree in Engineering. They are also social because members “maintain and live in Chapter houses; have a social program; participate in athletic programs; and foster a close relationship with our graduated, or alumni, members”


For the women Engineers of Lehigh University, Sigma Phi Delta shares close relations with its sister sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon (ΑΩΕ).  Alpha Omega Epsilon was founded on November 13, 1983 and on March 22, 1984, the Associated Students of Marquette University voted on and approved the constitution, and thus Alpha Omega Epsilon became a recognized student organization. Alpha Omega Epsilon also shares Professional/Social Greek Organization method; hosting formals, participating in philanthropic events, participating in Engineering Open House events, and actively participating in other engineering organizations.



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