3-D printing at Lehigh!

As a Mechanical Engineer have you ever had the urge to design something and make it? Well, at Lehigh that possibility is a reality. The Wilbur Power House contains multiple 3-D printers that students are allowed to use. For the most part, these printers are used by students in IPD. However, they are available for personal use as well. What are the steps to 3-D printing? Well, first it starts with an idea. Then, once you have your idea on paper, it’s time for some 3-D modeling. Programs on Lehigh computers such as SolidWorks allow you to create 3-D models of your designs. Once you have the model created, save the file as a .stl file. Changes to personal use of the 3-D printers are currently being made. So the next step is to email inluaml.lehigh.edu with your file and an explanation of what it is. Some things they won’t allow you to print so it’s best to let them know what it is. Once they see the file and how much material will be used, they can give you an estimated cost of printing your design. (But don’t worry, printing is relatively cheap!)

IMG_1502 Here we see some of the machines used for 3-D printing. The Ultimaker uses a program called Cura in order to read the .stl file and print your design. After a few hours, depending on how big you want your model to be, you model will be ready and available for pick up. Happy Printing!


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