Your Friends are Resources

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As this semester whizzes by, class work multiplies, tests loom and the idea of being employed becomes less far fetched, I’ve realized that I have a lot on my plate. I also know that I have really talented friends. They are my support group, motivators to get my work done, and a friendly hug when I need one, but more importantly they are helping me get employed. This weekend, one of my house mates, Jane asked if I would go for a walk. I hesitated, said I really should start my heat transfer assignment, paused and agreed to go for a walk if she edited a cover letter for me later that evening. Jane is a journalism major here at Lehigh and is one of the most creative girls I have ever met. Her words, thoughts, and ideas flow easily… mine don’t.

At nine I sent her a hacked out letter that was heavily reliant on a template I found online. Mere hours later she sent me back corrections and ideas. I was really impressed with the changes she was suggesting. She took the cover letter from a bland statement of interest to a compelling argument of my competence. She’s not very familiar with engineering terminology, but honestly neither are the HR employees skimming my resumes. Here at Lehigh the career center does a lot to help the student body but they are difficult to get one on one sessions with. I went into the office today and walked out with an appointment for mid October.

What I got back from Jane were personalized edits. She knew about my internship from the summer from casual conversations, she knows what classes I have excelled in at Lehigh and she knows what I’m interested in. I didn’t have to sit down with a career service counselor and explain for 15 minutes what classes I have taken and what I want to do, because Jane already knew these details. My advice is look to your friends because they have talents you can capitalize on. Within the last hour I sent my resume to another journalism major who is a career ambassador looking for edits and suggestions.


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