Career Fair Preparations

Tomorrow the fall career fair will be held from 3-7 pm on Goodman campus. The fall career fair is important, especially for sophomores and juniors, because over 150 companies will be attending so its a great chance to network and and meet with people from industry who are interested in Lehigh engineers. Its the best way to begin the process of getting an internship. The other night I looked at the full list of 150 companies and counted around 30 that are interested in mechanical engineering majors. From that list I looked through and narrowed it down to around 10 that I would really want to work for. There’s a lot of different sectors that a mechanical engineer could go into. There were multiple companies that focus on consulting work, others that focus just on special metal alloys and metallic powders, others that focus on things really specific like industrial hydraulics or piping connections. There was a great variety of options so it’s nice to not feel too confined. I personally was really interested in Pratt and Whitney, they design commercial and military aircraft engines. I was also really interested in the Johns Hopkin’s University Applied Physics Lab as a different option that would be more focused on research rather than industry work. Now since the career fair is so big there’s going to be a lot of people attending and since mechanical engineering is the most popular engineering major here at Lehigh I’ll have a lot of competition. So for the past week I’ve been working a lot on my resume. I went to a resume workshop in the business center last week and got some great advice. I also got a lot of good advice from family members and some of my friends here at school. In just one week my resume has completely changed form and I think it looks great. I’m very excited for tomorrow and will probably post an update shortly afterward. Stay tuned!


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