SolidWorks Vs. NX 8.5

SW partME 010

I don’t know if it’s me, but when I’m learning a new CAD system and already know another one, it becomes easy and frustrating at the same time to learn the new CAD system.  This has been somewhat of my case taking ME 010 (Graphics for Engineering Design) where I am now learning the CAD system, NX 8.5 (picture on the bottom).  I had previously learned SolidWorks (picture on top) a while back and loved it.  There were tutorials that I learned from and I would test my design skills by going online and looking up things to design provided by SolidWorks.  But now that I’m learning NX 8.5, I tend to rush a lot and instead looking at the tutorials, I try figuring out where each button is on my own using my SW background.  It works sometimes, but it doesn’t always work.  For example, the orientation and navigation of both systems are relatively similar along some extrusion and editing features.  Yet some things are different in NX 8.5 like cutting a hole through a hole.  In SW, you click on the Extruded Cut button, but in NX the button is still Extrude and you have to look for the Subtract button.

Things like that got me annoyed my first time with NX.  Because honestly, why can’t you just have a cut button?  It’s rather annoying and it takes up a lot of time.  But now that I have had a little bit of experience with NX, I don’t get as frustrated anymore.  Each software has its benefits when using.  I still have yet to see aspects of NX that make it better than SW, but I’ll take it easy before I start criticizing NX and learn as much as possible.  Either way however, it’s good to know as much as you can when it comes to doing CAD design.  The more you know, the merrier!


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