Template for Front End of the Car


So the latest news from the Formula Team is that our front panel for the car was not designed right and we made the wrong shape due to some design errors and other miscommunication.  One of the problems was that we had extra curves going down two sides of the panel. So our captain, Andrew, redesigned the front panel and had the bright idea of making a template for the car since we had messed up the first time and we wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t happen again.  This template here is the finalized design (hopefully) for the panel before we actually make the real one.  The template is at half ratio of that for the real panel.  So think about this template being doubled… That’s how big our front panel will be.  Too bad we didn’t think about this earlier because we would’ve saved foam, carbon fiber, and time so that we wouldn’t mess up.  The only problem now is actually buying the material because we don’t have a large enough sheet of aluminum that will fit our desired dimensions.  More updates to come.


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