3D-Printing a Bridge: The Result


The two days ago I posted about how I tried to 3D print the bridge from Steel Bridge club this year to send as small gifts to our donors. Unfortunately, when I went to pick up the bridge that night I could not find it anywhere in Wilbur. I checked the area around all of the printers and didn’t see it. I checked the garbage can as I left and was unpleasantly surprised to find the bridge in the trash (see above). It looked like somene had stopped it fairly early on in the print. There is usually someone who sits in the lobby by the printers and makes sure that the pieces are all printing correctly. If there is a problem they stop the print to save material and also avoid damaging the printers. So what I’ve taken from this is that there was a problem with the file that the printer couldn’t print the bridge correctly. I emailed the technician in charge of the printing lab for help. I’ll update when he gets back. 


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