Mech 12 Bridge Project

This past Monday we received our newest Mech 12 project. This time around we are put into random groups of three and are tasked with building three separate bridges with different characteristics using Autodesk Simulation: Mechanical. The first bridge must use a truss system entirely under the horizontal plane, the “road.” The second must use a truss system that is entirely above the “road.” And the third uses a combination of the two. Each bridge is subjected to two loading conditions; a distributed load due to weight of materials across the entire length of the bridge, and three concentrated loads of equal magnitude spaced symmetrically across the bridge. There are a bunch of size requirements and limitations we are given so each bridge submitted is comparable to one another. Whats really cool is that the team that produces the best bridges i.e. the bridges that deflect the least will receive an extra 2 bonus points on the final exam, which is out of 80 points. I’m hopeful that my experience on the Steel Bridge team will help when designing our bridges. Speaking of which the MAR competition happened last weekend so look for post on that shortly!


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