Take Home Exam

This semester I am in MECH 102, more commonly known as Dynamics. This course is taught by one of the more energetic and eccentric professors in the MEM department, Prof. Bill Best. So far the class has been very different from any of the classes I’ve taken at Lehigh. His style of teaching is very unique. He does not assign and collect daily or weekly homework. Instead, every few weeks he gives us a packet of 10-12 problems that we can do if we want for practice. In class he’ll go over some of these problems but wont complete them in their entirety. Last Friday he put our first exam online and told us we had a week to complete it. Its 6 very tricky problems and I’m now wishing I had done more of the practice problems beforehand. We’re allowed to look at our notes and book and ask him for help during his office hours. So far I’ve made some very good progress but I’m stuck on 3 of the problems. What I’ve found is that the approach on how to solve these problems is very different than what I’m used to. You have to interpret the information given to you in a very specific way and figure out how to apply in a way that solves for what you’re looking for. This is the first class I’ve had in my life with a take home exam. I like it because it removes the stress of not finishing within a time limit or forgetting a minor detail that makes solving a problem impossible. On the other hand, the problems are a hell of a lot tougher. In the end I’ll probably spend just as much time working on the exam as would have studying for it had it been a normal exam so I suppose it will all balance out.


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