Auto Blog: iCar, Apple Making Their Own Car?

Plastered on every car related website this week are rumors that say Apple is working on secret car codenamed ‘Titan’. Apparently Apple has been quietly attracting automotive engineers, some from Tesla even, to work on the project. Some reports have said that adapted Chrysler Voyagers have been spotted in both New York and San Francisco with boxes of sensors attached to the roof of the car indicating a project focused on autonomous driving capabilities. On Apple’s design team for the project is Marc Newson, who design the car pictured above (Ford 021C) for the Tokyo Auto Show in 1999. Don’t let the picture fool you though, the Wall Street Journal reports that Apple’s car most closely resembles that of a mini van. All of this is good fun to think about but truth be told, if this project is even real don’t see Apple entering the auto industry. Even though with its $123 billion it most definitely could enter the market, and with the devoted fan base they have they’d sure be successful, I just don’t see Apple making such a drastic change in company direction. But what do I know? Only time will tell what becomes of ‘Titan.’


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