Tube Cutting

IMG_1804 This past weekend, we did more work on the chassis of the car and this picture here is me shaving/cutting a tube that would go into the back of the car.  In all honesty, it took quite some time to get it to fit because that was the first time I had to figure out how the tube would fit.  Usually, our team captain would just draw a figure on the tube with a sharpie and that would be where I would have to cut, but he wanted me to learn….. And so I did.  It’s really funny when you see somebody doing something that looks easy, but when you try to do it, it’s hard.  There wasn’t really some sort of process I had to go through to cut the tube.  You really just had to make a guess.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t mess anything up and the tube fit into the chassis smooth as butter!


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