Things to do in the Lehigh Valley

So I give tours of the engineering school and many times parent and students ask, “What is there to do around here?” There is so much to do in the Lehigh Valley if you look for it. Many of my friends here at Lehigh could say there’s never anything to do around here, but don’t even take the time to look for something to do. I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley, obviously during the time school is in session, but in addition to that two whole summers. I’ve learned that “there’s nothing to do” is so far from the truth. There’s Musikfest, there’s Octoberfest, Celtic Fest, the Christkindlmarkt, Blueberry festival, there’s a dog costume parade the day the weekend of Halloween, there are restaurant weeks, etc, etc, etc. That’s only in Bethlehem (walking distance) alone. There are even more things to do outside Bethlehem a short distance away. So if you’re considering going to Lehigh and are worried about having nothing to do, just look online and see what you can find!


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