3 labs one semester

This semester I am taking the maximum amount of credits without overloading. However, although it is the most work I have encountered so far at Lehigh it has been my favorite already. I am so excited about a manufacturing class I’m taking. It’s really the first hands on course I’ve taken so far. Last week in class we used LabView to take measurements of a work a motor produced and the power.

As I was explaining the lab to one of my friends she stopped me and said… “I don’t really care about this, but I can see you’re really interested.” I am finally in the sweet spot of college older students promise exist. When you break into what you’re really interested in doing. This was in ME 121, which is an extension of ME 21 which preceded this class. As I said before manufacturing is what I am interested in and even pursuing a career in manufacturing after graduating.

In manufacturing now we are playing with CAD programs and the end goal is to build a small air powered engine. I find the computer work kind of tedious, so here is a photo of what my end result should look like. This coming week in lab the assignment is to play with the programs that design the cutting paths for a piece after it has been built.

Assembled CA engine

Assembled CA engine


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