Taking a Political Science Class

All engineering students have to fulfill whats called an HSS requirement. That is, Humanities and Social Science. It gets a little complicated on how many credits you take for each and what level you take as well. For me I decided to take POLS 105, Environmental Policy and Planning as my last social science. The class thus far feels foreign to me. Last semester all of my classes were engineering classes so I was only doing math and physics and mechanics. I grew used to sitting down and working on these types of problems for hours. Now I’ve got reading assignments and I have to highlight and take notes on what I’ve read. Its just so unlike how I work in my other classes. On top of that the actual lectures are very different too. My professor, Professor Holland, uses a Socratic method of teaching. Basically she’ll bring up a topic and call on someone to talk about their opinion of it or what they about it. This is wildly different from all of my other classes and it was a little unnerving when I was called on for the first time. I seem to be keeping up with it so far but I can’t help but worry about what exams will be like. I just think its funny how this class might even be the most difficult for me.


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