Formula SAE Update


This past weekend, the Formula Team went to Mohler Lab to further work on the chassis of the race car we are currently building.  We did a lot of cutting and de-burring that day because we had to somewhat guess as to how to certain tubes would fit on the chassis of the car.  Most of the chassis had already been welded when we were there, but it was fun cutting because our captain, Andrew (in the picture), would just tell us “you just kind of have to figure out the cuts for the tube.”  I was bit unsure as to how I would go about cutting, but it became much easier to know what type of cut you had to make on the tube once you checked to see if it fit in the chassis.


The silver aluminum stands around the chassis are the jigs I talked about before, which are what you use to hold the chassis when you weld.  I personally didn’t do any welding, but I did a lot of jig cutting and de-burring.  It’s pretty fun learning these hands on techniques.


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