Lee Iacocca International Internships

A few months ago, back in November, I applied for one of the Lee Iacocca International Internships (LIII). I applied to be a research intern at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) for this upcoming summer. Over break I finally heard back and I’m pleased to say that I was accepted along with 3 others. For anyone who doesn’t know, LIII is a program offered at Lehigh that has 50 or so internship opportunities with partner schools and companies around the world. These internships are non-paid and non-credit bearing but are 100% paid for through a fund at Lehigh. You don’t pay a cent! So basically its a great way to earn both international and internship experience in one package…for free. There are a wide variety of opportunities to choose from and most aren’t as technical as the research job I’m doing. They are offered in a lot of different countries too and I was surprised to see that I had never even heard of some of the countries listed.

I’m really excited for my trip. It’ll be me and 3 others from Lehigh all working at USTC in Hefei, China. I don’t know what I’ll be working on just yet. In the coming months I’ll be paired with one of the lab instructors at USTC and I’ll communicate with him/her on what project I’ll be working on. I talked to the students who did the trip last year and they worked on some very interesting stuff. One girl worked entirely by herself with a robot that adapted to its surroundings. Another guy worked in a team on a computational fluid dynamics simulation of blood flowing through an artery. The projects vary wildly so I’m going to keep an open mind. Since I’ll be working alongside with graduate students its going to be like working a real job, 40 hour work weeks for the whole 6 weeks we are there. Fortunately we’ll be taking trips on the weekends to see more of the country. I know Nanjing and Shanghai are close by and easily accessible via train so  we’ll probably visit those cities and other places I’m sure. And since the whole experience is six weeks long and takes place during the second half of the summer it allows me to either work or find a short term internship here at home to occupy myself.

For more information on LIII, click here.


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