3D printing plane parts

3D printing has become much more popular in the engineering world in recent years. Some reasons for this are that it is much cheaper than it used to be and it can make very complicated shapes that would be impossible to make using normal manufacturing methods. Lehigh understands this trend and they have, in Wilbur Powerhouse, many 3D printers available so that students can get experience using this technology. However, because of the large volume of people wanting to print stuff they have a rule that the printing must be done for an academic reason.

For a while now I have been wanting to use these 3D printers but yet I have not had a class or any reason to use them. However, just a few days ago, the graduate student I work for asked if I could use them to print models of the air vehicle we are working on. He needed them to conduct wind tunnel tests of the design. After I said yes, he showed me some of the basics for how to use the machines. After some trial and error, mostly error, I finally got the 3D printed parts he wanted. Below are some pictures of the parts and of the machine I used to print them. Once I got the hang of the machines I enjoyed making them and I look forward to using the machines again.

IMG_1436 IMG_1437 IMG_1441


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