WiGig Vs. Wi-Fi

So last night, I was reading some articles about different things to relax for once in my college life and I came upon an article that talked about a new type of wireless technology that makes our computers, smartphones and several other devices operate much faster than ever before.  This technology, known as WiGig, can yield speeds of up to 25Gbps(bytes per second) while a the most recently updated WiFi connection can operate at max rate of 500Mbps.  So this WiGig would be the new leve of “blazing fast” Internet that everyone oh so desires.  This technology, to my understanding, came out in 2013 as a new establishment from WiFi so that people wouldn’t get confused between the two and it has proven to be really fast.  Files that are several gigabytes large that usually take several minutes(if not more) to transfer data are transferred in just a few seconds with WiGig!

BUT… Yes there always has to be a catch, huh… This WiGig technology does not have a large range span.  So if you were to go outside to your front porch with your tablet to watch ESPN or something and your WiGig device was upstairs in your room, you wouldn’t get the connection!  More than just a mere 35 feet away from your WiGig and you’re out of luck.  It will be pretty interesting to see what happens with this technology once it gets more updated in the future.


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