Sophomore First Semester Reflection

Hey again!  It’s good to be back at Lehigh after the nice long break.  It was definitely well needed for many of us and I am happy to be able to start this new semester fresh and with energy!

Looking back on last semester, I feel as though I became a much stronger person mentally and emotionally.  Last semester was quite the roller coaster for me with my classes becoming a lot harder and with what it seemed to me, much less time to relax.  I think I pushed myself too hard and it cost me a lot of sleep that I needed to retain all the information I was learning. Pretty much, I “overburned” myself.  I was new to topics such as vectors, moments, magnetic fields, and many other concepts I never learned before and it was pretty tough jamming much of that information into my head, so I had to put more hours into my classes.  On top of that, I had 4 finals in 5 days, which initiated quite the stress and some of those finals were really tough.  Yet I worked so hard that it had negative effects – something what I call “negative marginal utility” where when you consume too much of a certain good or product, your satisfaction starts to decrease and you are obviously no longer satisfied.

This semester however, one of my biggest goals is to get more sleep.  And by getting more sleep, that means managing my time more efficiently.  Classes don’t get any easier, but they become more concentrated to your major, which should make them a lot more interesting and hopefully more enjoyable.  Last semester was a jump for a lot of us Sophomores because it was when school started getting “real”, but now that I have experience with this “realness,” I think I’ll be able to manage myself a lot better this semester.


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