Auto Blog: Volvo’s Bold Statement

A few weeks ago when Volvo released the new version of the XC-90 (pictured above), their big 7-seater SUV, they also made a statement that was really quite bold considering the humble nature of the company’s past. This is what the head of Volvo said “By 2020, no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo”. That’s merely 5 years away but if there’s a car company that can actually achieve this, it’d be Volvo. Volvo has always been at the forefront of safety technology in cars, all the way back to 1944 when laminated glass was first used in a production car and 1958 when the modern three-point seat belt was first invented by a Volvo engineer. They also developed the first rear-facing child seat as well as their own booster seat available in most of their models. They were at the forefront of safety innovation when they introduced the Side Impact Protection System in 1991, the Whiplash Protection System in 1998, and the Blind Spot Information System in 2004. All of these seem like pretty normal safety features a lot of cars have now but it was Volvo who did them first. And to add to this already impressive list of features, there’s also the fact that a lot of car companies including Volvo are working on auto-piloted vehicles through the use of radar, cameras and sensor etc. And they’re on the right track to achieving their new goal too. The brand new XC-90 is made of various alloys of aluminum and steel and is supposedly an extremely safe vehicle. Below you can see an in depth view on how intricate and varied the chassis is.

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