Plan for the Weekend

So yes, I know.  I’m unfortunately not going to go to the game this weekend at Yankee Stadium with others who are, but surprisingly a good amount of students aren’t going mostly because they either don’t want to or because there just aren’t anymore tickets… at a good price.  As for me, well let’s just say I’m in the middle.  I was going to buy tickets when they came out, but I kept prolonging the wait for me to buy some and because of that, I’m not going.  Besides, this guy right here only touches Fenway Park in Boston.  We don’t bother entering enemy territory!

BUT WHOAA!  Hold on!  That doesn’t mean I’m going to not have any fun!  A good amount of the U-House Residents actually wont attend, so we’re all going to watch the game together at the House and have tailgate as well, so that should be fun.  Have a bonding moment at UMOJA as we always do.


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