Beat Lafayette!


This phrase can be heard throughout the campus throughout the week. On Saturday, we will be playing football against Lafayette College in Yankee Stadium. Lehigh vs. Lafayette is the longest running college football rivalry in the country and our 150th meeting is this weekend. Every year students get excited for “Le-Laf week,” the week before the football game. There are lots of spirit events and fun activities. One of the traditions is Bed Races…which is literally racing beds. Teams of five race beds out in front of our Linderman Library during Le-Laf week. The teams dress up and it’s a ton of fun. I’ll be competing with my roommates this year, wish us luck! On Monday of Le-Laf week, part of the marching band called the “Eco-Flame” go around classes playing music and interrupting class. Le-Laf week is one of the best traditions we have here at Lehigh and everyone loves it. Yankee Stadium was sold out for the game, so there will be tons of students, alumni, friends, and family there this weekend. Look out, NY, Lehigh’s coming.


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