Thanksgiving holiday, registration, BIRTHDAY

Hey all! How’s your week been? Did everyone get through exam week all right? (Be sure to catch up on any lost sleep! Sleep is important. And eat. Don’t skip meals. Tip: Grab a granola bar or buy a snack at Upper to take along with you if you know you won’t have time to stop by later or actually sit down to eat.)

Anyway, Thanksgiving holiday is in what, two weeks? Yeah? Yeah. Two weeks. Two weeks, and we’ll have a break to go overboard on food and laze around in a wonderful food-induced stupor for a weekend. Sounds wonderful and I can’t wait.

Anyway! Don’t start packing up your things just yet, there’s still two more weeks of school. How’s anybody doing in Mech 003? We’re covering torsion and rotational forces right now. Much easier than plastic deformations. I do not like deformation problems. They’re quite pesky. Also, the class midterm average was… I think the lowest in over a decade. Well. Oops. Time to start studying for the final. (Seriously.)

Also! Is everybody ready for REGISTRATION?! Don’t forget to get your PIN and have a list of class sections ready to sign up for! Make sure you’ve got the right times and the proper CRN numbers! Tip: is a great place to start arranging your schedule, and RateMyProfessor is a good resource to check out your potential professors. (Also, another tip: Early class with a good professor >>>>>>> later class with a bad professor! I know, I know, you don’t want to get up early, but it’s better than completely flopping in a class you could’ve easily done better in, ya know?)

Also, shout-out to my sister, who turned 17 yesterday! Wish I was there to celebrate it with you, but alas, I am ten hours away. Hope your big day went awesomely! 17. Wow. One more year and you can vote, sis! -wipes away tear-


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