Junior Year

Junior year has certainly been transformative. I started this weekend helping guide tours of perspective engineering students around campus and talking to families. They were mostly juniors in high school and college is as distant for them as the real world is to me. As I walked around chatting to families fathers asked most of the questions concerning engineering and mothers asked about the social life. Maybe a little unprofessional in my response, I usually laughed before I answered and said something to the effect of, “college is a really natural progression and Lehigh doesn’t introduce you to something until you’re ready.” I think I sincerely believe this too with regards to the social scene and classes.


Earlier this semester I had to put together a resume for the career fair. The engineering department does little to prepare you for actually applying to jobs. My friends in the business school have had resumes since freshman year for classes, but without the incentive to write one I never did. It was a learning curve typical of the engineering school. Which, is one of the reasons I like being and engineer so much. The thrill of figuring something out for myself is huge for me. I went to career services and they were helpful! Fingers crossed for a great internship this summer.

(from the Lehigh tumblr)

And just hours ago I was in a coffee shop with a senior friend talking about how she only had a semester left. She said that she was ready to finish school, but was terrified of the future. I concurred. At the beginning of this year my mum said me, “you’re closer to the end than the beginning.” And so, I have realized that this year has been a turning point. Much less naive than the juniors looking at Lehigh and certainly not mature enough to start out in the real world; I am very content at Lehigh right now.

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