Being Independant

It’s strange to feel so independent nowadays. I just recently had to read through and sign a lease for the off-campus house I’ll be renting with 4 other friends next year and it was interesting. I had to read this legal document and try and find anything that would be unreasonable yet I no clue of whether or not a term was normal. Like is not being allowed to have a grill outside normal or is does my landlord have a grudge against grills? And that’s another thing, I have a landlord now. It makes me feel like such an old person when I say that. On top of that I had to get not only my own security deposit together but all of my roommates deposits too because I was meeting our landlord to give them to him. That meant running all over campus collecting checks and writing my own. It’s a strange feeling and it’s tough to describe but handing out landlord our deposits and a signed lease was so…exciting/liberating. I just can’t help but think about living in a house with close friends for a whole year. So many good memories ahead.


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