Not an awful lot to report except for exams and Halloween festivities.

It’s that time of year again for us Lehigh students. (Lehigh-ians?) 4:00 exams are this week (again).

Yup, the second round of mid-semester exams are upon us. My economics class is tomorrow and whoo boy, I’m getting a bit nervous for it. I also probably need to ban myself from internet access for the next, say, two days or so? Or possibly the entire week? Until exams are done. I keep getting distracted.

Tip: Don’t get distracted while studying, kids. You won’t get anything done and then you’ll look up at the clock at midnight and realize you just spent all your studying time laughing at cats on YouTube.

Anyway, for any of y’all in Econ 1, don’t forget there’s a study session tonight at 7pm in Lewis Lab 270.

Also, HALLOWEEN with SPECTRUM! Spectrum is hosting a Halloween party TOMORROW in Lamberton at 8:30PM! Free food, music, dancing, costume contest WITH PRIZES, and more, so come on and stop by! (Costumes optional, but encouraged.) Here’s the FB link: Tell your friends!

And good luck on your exams, everyone!


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