International Internships Info Session

The summer in between Sophomore and Junior year is a very important time period. Most students use this time to gain experience through either study abroad or internships. I’m torn between the two, but what’s really stressful is that applications for internships and study abroad are due way in advance. So you really have to decide what you want to do by the end of fall semester. A friend of mine told me about this info session he’s going to later this week for international internships. For anyone who doesn’t know, Lehigh has a program where students can have international internships overseas for free. While these internships don’t pay and don’t offer any transferable credit, they do give you a once in a lifetime experience for no cost at all. I looked through the list of internships and one caught my eye. Its a six-week trip to China to the University of Science and Technology in Hefei, China where you are paired with a professor from the school and put into small groups. You then do a research project of whatever interests you. It’s a great program because you gain both international experience along with research experience. It’s a win-win!!!


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