MECH 003 Homework

la foto 1    la foto 2                                                                                la foto 3

Well first of all, sorry for the messy handwork or bad picture taking on my part, but this right here was my Mechanics homework due for today and the sad part about it is that these pictures were for only one problem…. Out of 3!  Yes, one problem for my Mech 003 homework took more than two pages to do.  Now to get into some more detail, this homework problem was the same scenario for a past homework problem.  The only thing though, was that we had to use the answers we got from that past homework to solve internal forces at two locations on a boom of a crane.  But I knew my answers for the last homework were wrong… Way wrong….  But I was not going to use my way wrong answers to solve this problem, so I ended up doing the whole problem again from the last time and then solving for the internal forces that I had to calculate.  But get this, it only took half a page to resolve my mistakes on the last homework.  The rest took so much more.  I want to say my answers are correct and make sense since my friend had gotten the same responses, but  that problem was work.  The struggle continues.

P.S  If you ever want to see something kind of funny about struggling, check this website out:


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