ME 17: Beginning of MATLab

ME 17 (or ME 196 as it was called before) has transitioned from an Excel based class to a programming class with MATLab.  Back in Engineering 10, we used MATLab for the first half of the semester learning if statements, for loops, while loops and f-print statements.  Now in ME 17, we’ll be doing more of the same thing, but with some more detail.  Matrices are one of the biggest topics we are going to cover in the class and so far, what I’ve been learning has been pretty interesting.  For example, when dividing or multiplying matrices, you want to put a period between the dividend and the division sign /… Ex. a./b=X where X is your “quotient matrix” as I should say.  These are one of the simple things I did not know about in Engineering 10, but that I will work more with as the semester goes by.  And for me, the good thing about this class is that I wont forget as easily how to write these programs because in Engineering 10, they would show you some of the keys and statements on a projector.  Then they would give you questions to do and say, “Ok, do it” as if I had done this before, which makes me laugh again and again to this day.

P.S:  Clean water at UMOJA is back with a brand new tap!


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