Laser tag, some airport mishaps, and new drivers

So. Pacing Break is over and done with.

To those of you who still have exams this week: good luck. It’s tough, but survivable.

To all: welcome back! I hope your break went a tad smoother than mine did. Had to walk a mile to the bank to get cash for a cab, cab was a bit late, got to the airport on time, ended up getting held up by security so long I missed my plane, had to sleep in the airport… It was one heck of a weekend. Not only that, but on the way back up to campus? My connecting flight in Philadelphia said I didn’t have a ticket! I was holding a boarding pass with all the right numbers on it, so obviously I was supposed to be on the flight, but it wouldn’t show up in the system. And then my phone got stuck under the cab driver’s seat. The driver was really nice about it, though.

Speaking of drivers, shout-out to my sister, who just got her license today! Ooooh yeah. The rest of break was pretty okay, and I got to see some relatives, played video games, and we even went to play laser tag (which was AWESOME).

Anyway. How was your break? If you don’t go to Lehigh, did you even have a break this past weekend? Anything mindblowing or awesomely remarkable? I had a take-home mechanics test. I guess that’s the only other noteworthy thing that possibly occurred. We’re studying trusses now–which, to be honest, I am thrilled about. Structures and stuff is a topic I’ve been really excited to start! There are some beams in the structures that are called zero-force members, I think, because they don’t have any force applied to them. I find that a bit bizarre, and I don’t completely understand why they’re included in the structure, if that’s the case–but I asked the professor and he said there’s still stresses on them. He said we’d get to that later, though, so for now, I can just kind of… ignore them. Pfft.

Anyway! Have a good (short) week! Keep moving forward! (Kudos if you know who I’m quoting there.)

(Oh, and P.S. You should totally come to the Spectrum discussion meeting tomorrow! 5:00 in the Rainbow Room, folks!)


Quick edit: There’s a Renaissance Fair going on October 11th. I’m hoping to go; look into it if you want! Tickets aren’t too expensive, but if you can find a group to go with (particularly a group that’s with Lehigh), you might be able to get a discount. (Also, you get a discount if you dress up!)


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