Exams, Pacing Break, and NASA

Yesterday was my last exam before Pacing Break. It was Calc 3 and, to be honest, it was the most fair exam I’ve taken here. Some problems were tricky but we’re easily solvable if you played with it a little. It wasn’t “easy” by any stretch of the imagination but it was fair. Although, a few more minutes would have been nice. Pacing Break is upon us and for it I will return home for a few days (I live only an hour and a half away). While I’m home I’ll catch up on sleep, see some old friends, and eat as much as I can. But before all that there’s something on campus I want to do first. Later today a speaker will be here from NASA and he’ll talk about the Columbia incident that happened years ago. He’ll give the full story of what went wrong and how they figured it all out. Look for a story on that in the future.



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