The week

After this week, we will have the first short break of this semester, pacing break, oct 6 and 7 with the weekends, it is four-day break. Just thinking about it make me relaxed. However, we can relax, because this week is also the first-hour exam week. I am having three this week, one on Thursday, and two on Friday. It is like the thing you want most is combined with the things you want least. Of course it is not that bad, I can Try to love the exam, first by try to love the class.
The exam I have on Thursday is ME 242, system dynamics by Professor Tarry Hart, my adviser. Professor Hart is very nice, his notes are written and posted on the course site before the class. So his class, you don’t need to cope the notes, just listen to what he is talking and add something to the notes that you print from the course site. Listening to what he said during the class very carefully is the best preparation for his exam, so it is very important to focus on his words.
On Friday, I will have exam on ME 321, heat transfer by Hannah Dailey and ME 326, aerodynamics by Moored. Both of them are very passionate, especially professor Dailey, she is one of the best professor. In her class, everything is very straightforward, if you listen carefully to what she said, you will understand the concept easily. And about the aerodynamics, it is hard, professor Moored is very good, and the class is very interesting, but the concept is a little tricky. Hope everyone do well on the exam.


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