Starting Off on the Right Foot

Today I finally got back my Mech 3 exam I took last Tuesday. I have a bad habit when it comes to taking exams and that’s stressing out about them after I hand them in. In all honesty, it’s hard not to though. Immediately afterward we all ask our friends what they got for certain answers and how they did certain problems and of course there are going to be discrepancies. This always happens to me and I stress about what I did wrong and I try to calculate my grade before its given back to me. For this first exam I had convinced myself that I had gotten a 65% on it, but to my surprise I had actually earned a 92%. What I’ve learned is that’s it’s best to just let it go after you hand in an exam and stop worrying about it. It’ll save you a lot of stress and will let you focus more on other work that needs to be done.


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