The Plague

Throughout the past two weeks many people have been getting sick and it has been spreading throughout all of campus one way or another. Some get sicker than others, some get better quickly, and I guess some just don’t cover their face when they sneeze, causing the people around them to be sick.  If you think about it though, there are oh so many ways to catch this “plague” as we call it.  Let’s say you cover your mouth when you sneeze, but you do it with your hands.  Now you need to go to the bathroom because it was a much harder sneeze than expected and you don’t have tissues.  So you go out your room and go down the hall and go inside the bathroom.  You turn on the faucet, push the button for soap and volià, your washing your hands.  Now can you guess, how many times you infected your surroundings with your gracious plague?  I can say that you did it at least 4 times!  The first time for opening your door.. Now your roommate may get the plague. The second time by opening the bathroom door… Now your hall is going to be mad you.  The third time by turning on the faucet…. Yeah, nobody really washes the handle.  And the last time by pushing the soap button…  How ironic, huh?  Now everybody will get the plague.  What’s the whole point of me talking about this?  Well pretty much I’m starting to feel a little sniffy and I have two exams next week.  NOT GOOD… All I have to say about this is, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”


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