4:00 exams, credit loads, and free books

Mech 3 exam was yesterday, and boy, was it brutal. The class is cool–it’s all vectors and forces and physics and stuff, which is… well, the stuff for mechanical engineering, no?–but it’s tough. General consensus talking to other students is pretty much the same. Only three questions–tough questions–and one hour to do them? Phew. The last question really threw me off.

Anyway! This semester goes to show that even if you don’t have a massive credit load, your semester can still be pretty unbelievably busy. I decided to go light on the credit load this semester, but apparently, the school deities-that-be have decided I don’t get much of a break, considering most of my classes require a huge time commitment. Like my theater class for my minor. It’s only two credits, but it’s three hours of class a week and a minimum of three hours of lab time. My 4-credit physics class had a similar setup last year. And then on top of that, I am currently serving as President of Spectrum, Lehigh’s LGBTQIA student group–which is awesome, to be honest, but it’s a fair amount of work. (By the way, y’all should come drop by a Spectrum meeting or discussion group meeting! 4:30 on Mondays and 5:00 on Thursdays in the Rainbow Room!)

Anyway, I’m not complaining–nooo, never complaining–but it’s a little surprising! Lehigh really pushes you, huh.

Now. Free books. WHO WANTS FREE BOOKS?? There’s a reading and discussion group for Ryan Sallans and Janet Mock’s books Second Son and Redefining Realness, respectively, going on today at 4:15 in the East Faculty Lounge in the UC. I’ll be there! You get free books if you come. Not to mention–these writers? They’re fantastic. They’re both supremely prominent LGBTQIA activists, particularly in the transgender field. Both writers identify as transgender, meaning they’ve both transitioned from one gender to another. Also, just a PSA: that doesn’t mean they were “born the opposite gender,” it just means they don’t identify as the gender the doctor said they were when they were born. Many transgender people feel they were always the gender they identify as–but they didn’t realize how to explain it or nobody believed them. I’ve read both books, and they’re really, REALLY helpful for anyone wanting to be involved in transgender activism (or just be more up-to-date with trans issues in general), in my opinion–they’re a good glimpse into the minds and motives of trans folk, which means they’re perfect for allies and LGBTQIA-identified people alike.

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Hang in there with those exams, people! You can do it!


4 thoughts on “4:00 exams, credit loads, and free books

  1. Good luck on your exams. Being an engineering student (one of THE toughest majors anywhere) and being active in LGBTQIA at the same time is hard for me to take in. When do you sleep?

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