Saturday Lunches


The Formula SAE racing club meets every Saturday for several hours to work on the car. That by itself is a lot of fun however, there is a tradition where the whole club will go for a lunch break to The Goose at noon which is honestly the highlight of everyone’s day. I only had the opportunity to go to The Goose a handful a times last year so I’m still somewhat new to the vast array of sandwiches the small deli provides. What’s really fun and interesting too is that there is a secret menu that’s been passed around that’s filled with specialty sandwiches void from the standard menu. It makes going each time new and interesting because it gives you a chance to try a new sandwich. Pictured above is The Shots, a triple decker sandwich comprised of roast beef on the bottom, pepper turkey on top, smothered in melted Swiss cheese with cole slaw and Russian dressing, all encapsulated with toasted rye bread. I can be 100% honest in saying that The Goose is what motivates me to get up at a very early 9am on Saturday mornings. It’s truly fantastic.


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