remote control virtual computer

Just found how to remote control virtual lehigh library computer with my own PC, and I think it is very helpful, so I want to share it even though a lot of people have known how to do it.
First, google lehigh software and click the first link, or go to website


Then you log in so that you can download.
After that, search, download and install “Cisco AnyConnect VPN”,


Click the program “Cisco anyconnect secure mobility client” you have just installed, there will a small window jump out at right down corner, you then type in “” and connect.

So that you will be able to log in


Right now it is half way, go back to the lehigh software and search, download and install “VMware View”. Remember you have to log in Cisco so that you can download VMware view or you won’t see the download ion.
Click the program you just download, there will be another small window jump out, you need to connect again, type as shown below


after you connect, just enter the lehigh user name and password again, you are almost done.

Just click the last “connect ” ion

you will see this

Isn’t that cool and helpful?


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