Lehigh Racing- Machine Training

This weekend was the coolest weekend I’ve had so far in terms of involvement on campus.  On Saturday morning, I met up with the Lehigh Racing club in front of Packard in order to get training.  I had no idea as to what type of “training” we would be doing, but as we got there, we were split into different groups.  I chose to go with the machine group and we went into the manufacturing shop inside Packard where we learned some pretty cool stuff.

la foto 2This machine is called a mill and we worked with this machine throughout all of training.  The “grill” looking platform on the bottom moves in the X,Y, and Z axis and it is used to hold whatever material you wish to cut on the blue lock.  The monitor on the right sets your zero point and determines whether your at the origin or not.  One can realize that this is a very useful tool in measuring how much you want to cut.

la foto 1 The other machine that we used was a metallic saw, for lack of a better name, and we used this to cut a 2X2 rod of metal into a 1inched cube.  And so this whole process took a total of four hours, but it was a great hands on experience to see how things are manufactured.

And in the end, we came up with this:

la foto 3 There’s no name to this cube looking piece of metal, but we made it look pretty cool, with all the different types of layers of holes.


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