Junior Year

It has already been three weeks since the start of the semester. Contrary to what I expected or thought beforehand, junior year is really different from sophomore or freshman years. The reason why is that instead of having pop-quiz oriented subjects that check your knowledge every week, professors assign weekly projects which are of course meant to strengthen our knowledge as well, but work in a different way, because these projects constitute much higher percentage of the final grade than one would expect. Therefore, every single project assignment is associated with certain stress, because not getting a good grade on any one of them can affect your grade considerably. At the same time, a higher responsibility of getting an internship that comes with the junior year is something that worries many students. Whether it is career fair, internet or other kinds of connections, most of the students are trying to get an internship so that they are guaranteed a job position later. Other students choose to do research, which deepens their knowledge in a particular subject considerably and gets them ready for engineering world just as well. Overall, as far as I see this year is going to be fun, because there is a certain excitement in looking for jobs, in doing research or just living a Lehigh student life.


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