Renovations At UMOJA

This past summer while I and most of my fellow UMOJA residents were on vacation, a lot of renovations were done on the house in order to better the lifestyle for the UMOJA community.  To my surprise, the change was much different than I thought.  We all knew before we left last semester that the house was going to get renovated, but not by a lot.  As soon as I walked into through the basement door, I saw this to my right:

pista de umoja a dance floor! (I already know what I plan on doing in the weekends!)

And then I saw this to my left:

sotano;sala de umoja…. I thought, “Woooww.  AC in here, too?!?!”  The basement was pretty cool overall, especially with the new couches and pool table to just hang out and play.  I had also heard of the first floor being renovated, so as soon as I finished unpacking, I went downstairs to where our old living room used to be(1st floor) and saw this:

classe de umoja… Yup, it sure is a classroom.  To my knowledge, this is where students go to take classes for Africana studies.  And it’s a place for the UMOJA people to study in at nights.

So, these were the biggest renovations for the house and I think the house is satisfied with it too!


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