Physics 21&22… So Different

So this semester has been in no doubt my hardest semester here at Lehigh. My hardest class so far is probably Physics 21&22; 21 being the lab, while 22 is the class. I had heard stories before about how these courses are very challenging and that they required a lot more effort than Physics 11&12 in order to get a good grade in. And so far, this has been the case. The first lab took everyone 3 hours to finish up, which is the allotted time, and only two groups were able to finish the second lab. The reason for this is probably because we have not yet officially learned the material that we do in the lab and also because we don’t really know how to use the devices. The class itself is different in that we use Calculus to solve some of the problems and we introduce the vectors, i,j, and k into our computations. Because we were not used to doing this in the previous Physics course, all of the material seems a lot harder than what it may actually be, in my opinion.

So pretty much this class and along with the other classes that I’m taking have made this semester much more challenging. Like one of my friends said, “Sophomore year get REAL,” and I think about that statement each day. The path into becoming an engineer is a hard one, but I know that with the right mindset and amazing resources available, one can grow into a great engineer once you graduate.


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